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SkyBuilders USA is a Minority-Owned Enterprise, construction company that provides efficient, cost-effective construction solutions for various industries. By leveraging their in-house trade resources, SkyBuilders USA is able to streamline the construction process, expedite schedules and reduce overall project costs. Their personal, hands-on approach makes SkyBuilders USA a leader in complex commercial construction projects. 

In recognition for their leadership in the community, they were a finalist for the most  well-known Hispanic Business award in the Central Florida community – the Don Quijote Awards – by the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce of Metro Orlando and Prospera. SkyBuilders USA’s main projects include, but are not limited to the Orlando International Airport, the Dr. Phillips Art Center, Bliss Medical Foundation, and Southeastern University.

Olga Marcela Restrepo (Designer) and her husband Juan Velez (Engineer) are the Colombian-native owners of SkyBuilders USA. Olga Marcela is the president of the company, and she strongly believes that, “All that is done in the service to others has more reward and sense than any monetary gain, especially if it is done for those who are less favored and children who are the most vulnerable and defenseless in society.” Olga Marcela serves as a board member of the COAMED foundation and the Women’s Business Center Advisory Board at Seminole College, Secretary at Bliss Board (Medical Foundation), Colombia Actúa Board Member, Vice-President of Casa de Mexico, and activist for the Whipping Childhood Cancer Foundation. She is an active community leader; serving and providing information on how to sustain our businesses during the COVID-19 pandemic.

As their business coach for over three years, A & P is proud of the success of SkyBuilders USA, and is grateful for their generosity to the Supplier Diversity community by supporting other businesses, including those who are part of our sustainable group of diverse suppliers.

Click the link below to visit SkyBuilders USA’s website and see how they serve the diversity community, and how they can serve you.

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Samuel Lowry | Marketing & Communications Manager


World Economic Forum | Coronavirus: Why diverse leadership matters more than ever

leading remote teams

During this pandemic, many leaders are coming to a mind-block as to how to sustain their companies and what should be part of their decision-making model. 

This article produced by the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania and republished by Lloyd Howell on the World Economic Forum titled Coronavirus: Why Diverse Leadership Matters More Than ever explains the need for leaders to understand the diverse range of impacts the coronavirus is having on their employees and clients/customers.

The article states, “During crises, the presence of diversity and the practice of inclusion is essential to challenge us to look at problems differently and consider a wider range of financial issues and impacts that we might not otherwise.” It is essential that leaders understand the need to reach out to sources of various cultural and diverse backgrounds for guidance, in order to maintain a sustainable company.

Lloyd points out that the positive impact of diversity is powerful as we come together as a team to consider all issues, small and large, that directly impact our businesses’ performances. He further states that, “Our employees, the communities we serve, and our shareholders expect us to use every possible tool to address them [crises], most importantly the full scope of diversity of the very people in decision-making seats.”.

When making these difficult decisions, ensure that you seek the guidance of wise counsel; a counsel of people from various diverse backgrounds that can provide a full scope of understanding to you.

Coronavirus: Why Diverse Leadership Matters More than Ever from The World Economic Forum.


Lloyd W. Howell, J. (2020, March 31). Coronavirus: Why diverse leadership matters more than ever. Retrieved from World Economic Forum: https://www.weforum.org/agenda/2020/03/why-leadership-diversity-matters-in-handling-crises-like-covid-19

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Samuel Lowry | Marketing & Communications Manager


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