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Business Development Combo Training Scholarship Program


The main objective of the Business Development Combo Training Program  is to empower Senior Leadership Staff of Diverse Business Enterprises and Women Business Owned, with the knowledge and experience recommended for C Suit Level in the areas of
Leadership, Customer Service, Marketing and Sales, Cross Cultural Communications, and Diversity & Inclusion recommended in today’s market.

The training program lasts 6 months. Each month compromises of a 3 hour session that will discuss an area of business listed above. Those eligible for this scholarship are business owners or key business leaders that own or belong to a business that is currently certified as either a small or diverse business by a recognized national or state diversity certifying agency, including, but not limited to, the following diversity classifications:

  • Minority Business Enterprise (MBE)
  • Women Business Enterprise (WBE)
  • Disabled Person-Owned
  • US Pan Asian American Chamber of Commerce (USPAAC)
  • Veteran-Owned
  • LGBT-Owned
  • HUBZone (Historically Underutilized Business Zones

For more information, please select whether to send an email to our Global Connections Coordinator, Damaris Perez requesting more information, or, if you are ready to begin the application process, book a meeting with her.

Watch our video below of our 2020 Program Graduates! Then, see what our graduates have to say about this program.


A&P International provides training that typically benefits Fortune 500 companies, and to have the opportunity to experience this training has been wonderful. As a small business, we do not have the resources to afford this type of training and A&P really does a great job throughout the entire set of classes they offer to expose and explain many great business topics that will benefit Albu & Associates for years to come.





I am grateful to everyone at A&P International for all their effort and work they put into the curriculum for this program. It was relevant, personal and will benefit our business for years to come!




The A&P team delivered a powerful training class entitled, Business Development Training Combo. This self-development business course analyzed me as a person and a leader. It helped me understand where my management team stood and how to have better interactions and attain a higher production from them. Knowing the difference between Customer Satisfaction and Customer Loyalty enabled me to have the proper technique to sell and brand. The material covered a lot of ground, however, Ana Maria, Renee, and the rest of the A&P team made it very impactful in there deliverance. It was very interactive and personal. They aligned each of our businesses to the material being taught. All of the training will be put to good use. Great job, A&P team!




I have really enjoyed this program, it is not just a refresher or course, but it challenges the participants to look deep into themselves and recognize areas of opportunity to improve. The fact that Ana Maria and Renee are brutally honest with you when going over your own self assessments and characteristics, truly motivates you to be better, embrace changes and be honest with yourself. I recommend this course to anybody who wants to take a hard look in the mirror, is willing to take the mirror’s feedback and apply it to your life and business. Thanks!




A&G Marketing

A & G Marketing Group is ​your future, outsourced marketing team. They help organizations drive growth with industry-leading promotional items and effective multi-dimensional marketing campaigns. They have from branded merchandise, creative services, tradeshow displays, web development, printing services and social distancing/PPE products. Their mission is to enhance and simplify the delivery of commercial printing, promotional products, business forms and eCommerce solutions, and to be bigger, better, faster and smarter. Ultimately, providing you with more control, improved productivity and increased profitability. 

A&G Marketing is a family-owned-and-operated business that can fulfill all your marketing and promotional-product needs. This business began with a plan for succession. Started by Jennifer and Pablo Prahl in 2010, they decided to name their business “A&G Marketing”. A&G stands for Adrian and Gabriel, Jennifer and Pablo’s two sons. Together, Jennifer and Pablo work hard to create a legacy within their business and their family that their sons can inherit and develop even more. A&P International is proud to be their business coach; guiding them in how to do business in Central Florida since their creation. It is a blessing to partner with them and their team in creating the legacy of A&G Marketing.

The company is a key leader of the marketing and advertising industry – supporting small and large business with whatever marketing and promotional needs they may have. 

For their successful work in the industry, the business has won several awards. In 2017 and 2019, they were awarded by Proforma’s HQ the recognition for increasing their sales more than $100,000 from the year prior. They also received an award for their physical store acquisition located in Downtown Lake Mary in 2018.

Congratulations to A&G Marketing Group!

Learn more about A&G by clicking the link below.


Unconditional Love – Kisses | LatinaStyle Magazine

We are so excited to have featured our beloved, Stress Relief Manager, Kisses, spotlighted by LatinaStyle Magazine. She was highlighted regarding her career journey from show dog to diversity advocate and emotional support for those working hard to Serve the Global Supplier Diversity Community.

Please, join us in congratulating her for her great accomplishments and continual contributions to our company!

What a great way to have fun at work, and realize the benefits of bringing our furry friends to the workplace – developing higher productivity and cultivating a work environment of joy and excitement. Click the link below to read the entire article on Kisses.

Unconditional Love from LatinaStyle Magazine.


We Stand for Our Community – Justice – Diversity – Inclusion – Equality



We are praying for our brothers and sisters, those in and out of the marketplace, who have been treated with injustice. It hurts us to see these sad and unjust moments we have and continue to experience. We believe that all lives matter – in every color, culture, and stage of development. We were all created equally.

Amid this injustice towards the lives of the African American community, we want to inspire a movement of encouragement. We challenge you to look at those who are fighting for justice. We do not see this community alone, but those of every corner of the world standing for justice, equality, inclusion, and the development of diversity. People from every culture are standing with the acknowledgement that “Enough is Enough”. We all stand, through peaceful protest, for the equality of all life. No more should our minds dictate the behavior or traits of another based on the simple color of someone’s skin. That behavior is unjust, and we have reached the moment in our history where we will mark the time when the entire country, no, the entire world demands equality and inclusion for all people of color. Our differences were given by our Creator, in His One image, with different flavors, so that we could celebrate our differences for a united people. Diversity is a gift of life – the gift that gives us excitement and change. Let’s embrace our differences and collaborate for equality for all lives because, “Lives Matter”.



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