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The Heart of a Hispanic

Heart of a Hispanic

Celebra La Hispanidad

To honor Hispanic Heritage Month (from September 15 – October 15, 2021), we hosted a special broadcast with community leaders that serve our ever-growing Hispanic community. We discussed with our panel what it means to have and succeed with the beating heart of a Hispanic! Watch the video below to key into what has been accomplished by the Hispanic population and how we can grow even more as a united community!

Our Panel


Jeanette Mora

Managing Attorney
Law Office of Jeanette Mora

maria cherjovsky

Maria Cherjovsky

Florida Abilities & Inclusion Network

susan schramm

Susan Schramm

Founder & Principal
Go to Market Impact, LLC

rafael pratts

Rafael E. M. Pratts

Business Consultant

Watch the Recording

Samuel Lowry
Marketing & Communications Manager


OBJ Announces Ramski & Co as Fast 50


Congratulations Ramski & Co for your accomplishment!


Ramski & Company has evidenced the power of client-centered design practiced in a highly collaborative environment. Whether in studio or within an interdisciplinary team, Ramski and Company brings its combined resources and experience to each project solution. As the built environment team constantly evolves, they feel commitment to continuing education imperative. They continually research business, codes, products, materials, methods of installation, construction details, and the cultural and sustainable issues that affect the way they design. They are recognized for their quality service, strong relationships both in studio and out, and excellent design solutions. 

Their team believes in giving back to the community and the world in which we live and work. They, as a group, donate their time, talents and resources to many worthy local events, organizations and institutions.

Ramksi & Company is led by Jennifer Ramski. She established Ramski & Company in 1989 and over the past 30+ years has worked diligently to build the solid commercial interior design firm that they are today.

Ramski states, “It is a challenge and a pleasure to build and grow, certainly never dull.  Our interior design philosophy “good design affects change for good” shapes worthy goals and a meaningful legacy.”


Again congratulation to the amazing team at RAMKI & COMPANY!



Lift Your Gaze

Cover_Lift your Gaze

Since its inception in February 2019, Lift Your Gaze’s trauma healing curriculum in the form of books and devotionals has reached over 2,000 inmates nationally. These books communicate to readers 

Even throughout the lockdowns at correctional facilities due to COVID-19, Lift Your Gaze’s reach has expanded exponentially. Lift Your Gaze shipped hundreds of books during their first year, and now they are shipping that amount each month into various correctional facilities.

Soon Available in Spanish

Lift Your Gaze has partnered with A&P International to bring this healing message to the Hispanic community by translating the Deep Waters: Lift Your Gaze award-winning book and devotional into Spanish.

Currently 23% of the men and women who are incarcerated in the USA are Hispanic.

Ana Maria Lowry, President and CEO of A&P International, Inc., states, “We are honored to partner with Lift Your Gaze to begin translating the first of two books, award-winning Deep Waters: Lift your Gaze, 30-Day Devotional.” The translation of the multiple-award-wining and Amazon Bestselling book Deep Waters: Lift Your Gaze will begin shortly after the devotional is completed.

Spanish books_Lift Your Gaze

Mrs. Lowry also shares, “I am personally reading the devotional and have found it to be a gift of healing for all people, as we all are inmates of our life traumas. With such eagerness, I wake up to read this devotional—one where God’s Word is shared in such a simplistic, applicable, and deep manner. I’m so excited to see how this devotional and book will dig into the hearts and souls of so many more, soon in Spanish!” Lift Your Gaze will soon begin filling current orders for the Spanish translated curriculum.

However, Lift Your Gaze still needs your help to facilitate the spreading of this message to hundreds and thousands of individuals across the nation. 

Please consider supporting them by clicking the link below and donating what ever you are lead to give. Each donation is tax-deductible and matched by a grant given to Lift Your Gaze.

Thank you for taking the step to supporting them.

Kim Clark_Lift Your Gaze


Founder & Author

Kim M. Clark, the award-winning Publisher of Deep Waters Books, has authored Amazon best-selling and the multiple-award-winning book, Deep Waters: Lift Your Gaze and the supporting, award-winning devotional, Deep Waters: Lift Your Gaze 30-Day Devotional. She is actively polishing her third book, a powerful prayerbook on the names of God.

To spread light in the darkest area of our society, Kim founded Lift Your Gaze, a nonprofit 501(c)3, in which she shares her message of hope with the incarcerated and their families at correctional facilities across the nation. 
As a former Adjunct Marketing Instructor, she is passionate about helping others achieve their dreams. She has worked with Fortune 1000 companies like Neiman Marcus, Merck Pharmaceuticals, and Digital Equipment Corp. as well as expanding startups and mission-based organizations. Kim has a Bachelor of Science Degree in Mass Communications from Towson State University and a Master of Science Degree in Business in Marketing from The Johns Hopkins University.

Story of Influence

The inmates left the classroom with watery eyes and wads of soggy, tear-stained toilet paper (tissues aren’t available in jail). The Chaplain pulled our founder, Kim Clark, aside. “Why is Karen crying?”

“The Spirit of God fell heavily today. I even heard spiritual chains drop.” Kim replied with a sigh.

“But Karen doesn’t speak English.” Stated the bewildered Chaplain.

“Wow. God never ceases to amaze me.” Kim responded.

Due to the delta COVID-19 variant, the correctional facilities have locked down again, and Lift Your Gaze can no longer teach inside most facilities. But God can still use our books and devotionals to reach the inmates. And with our Spanish Translation Matching initiative, we will be able to reach the 23% of the inmate population who speak Spanish. Currently each donation (up to $5,000) is matched 100%. The total cost for the Spanish translation for the book and devotional is $20,000.

We need your help to continue to provide hope. Please consider a one-time gift or becoming a monthly sponsors. Scan the QR code to the right or go to www.liftyourgaze.org to double your giving impact.


Podcast Session 08 – Finding Our Identity


Who am I?

Have you ever asked yourself that question…..

Well, we have. And we went to figure out and now have partnered to offer a course that will help YOU find out who you are and why you put on this earth. This course is called Identity and Destiny.

Listen to this amazing podcast session with Executive Leadership from Binger Insurance & Financial Consulting, Roy and Catherine Binger, as well as moderating, our President & CEO Ana Maria Quintero Lowry. Both Ana Maria and Catherine have taken the course and they share their experience in going through that journey. Roy has just started the course and shares what he is looking forward to accomplishing and see his transformation from beginning to his mosaic upon completion of the course. This video is only about 23 minutes and maybe in that time you’ll find that you too would like to start this journey of Identity and Destiny. 

Play Video

For more information regarding Identity and Destiny, chat with us below and let us know. We would be more than happy to help you get ready for our upcoming classes.

Inspired by Roy and Catherine Binger and want to get connected with them, visit their website by clicking the link below.



Podcast Session 07 – La Mujer Maravilla

podcast_la mujer maravilla

En español

Celebrando la mujer maravilla hoy en día, heroínas en el negocio y en la familia.

En esta sesión hablamos con nuestra invitada especial Edna Carbajal, de Nehemiah Project México. Ella nos habla sobre su camino en el negocio y cómo ser un ejemplo para sus hijos. Esta increíble sesión le puede abrir los ojos a ver una realidad en cómo nosotros podemos ser un ejemplo en los negocios y simultáneamente en nuestras familias. Uno no tiene que escoger entre uno y el otro. Como mujer o hombre, podemos ser líderes en nuestras familias y también ser inolvidables en nuestras empresas.

Escucha este podcast. Es una maravilla.

Play Video

Para más información sobre Edna Carbajal o del Nehemiah Project México, visita esta página web o encuéntralos en Facebook.


Create a Sustainable Business | Go Green


Sustainability sets the focus on the future. It means the item or action is generating environmental, social and economic benefits, while not using up too many resources or causing pollution. Think about the next generation.  

Here are a few reasons why this is so important:

  • Cultivates a positive public image. Newer generations evaluate the “green “efforts of organizations to consider where to invest. 

  • A company that is sustainable (both economically and environmentally) is viewed as part of the solution; not the problem. 

  • One can increase profits and shareholder value through a combination of energy cost cutting and the cultivation of a positive public image that directly and indirectly enhances product sales. 

  • Ultimately, it is the right thing to do for the planet. 

Community Involvement has the power to bring positive, measurable change to both the communities in which you operate and to your business. Do not be a part of the problem, be part of the solution. 

Here are some steps that we take to Go Green and be Sustainable.

Reduction of Disposable Material
Each employee has a ceramic mug with access to reusable plates and bowls. We replaced styrofoam cups with paper cups for clients. We have also implemented a water filter to drink less from bottled water.
For the past year, we have begun recycling the plastics and flattened cardboard boxes used.
More Digital
Although we continue to print, we have reduced greatly the quantity of printing and have moved more digital. For what we do print, we strive to reduce the amount of paper and toner used by printing double-sided or by printing multiple items on the same page.
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We hope this past month, you took steps to be Sustainable. 

Any step to “going green” is a step forward in creating a better Earth!


Salo Engineering


SALO Engineering, LLC  is an innovative Civil Engineering and Architecture company, with more than 10 years of experience, that creates cost effective solutions for the benefit of the people and the clients. They help you succeed in any engineering or architecture project. Their customer loyalty, quality service  and professionalism are distinct traits of the overall delivery you will receive from Salo Engineering.

SALO also provides a Full-Service Delivery Project through its project management skills with its staff, its professionals’ network, and associates.  They are an experienced company formed by enthusiastic personnel, willing to deliver the extra effort to meet or exceed their clients’ expectations.  Their clients come from public (government) and private sectors, including commercial and industrial entities.




Vice President

Félix and Cristina, together, have grown Salo Engineering as a well-recognized engineering and architecture company that resolves the needs of many people and organizations in Puerto Rico and soon in Central Florida through their office in Orlando, FL.

As a growing engineering firm, we can offer the careful, detailed and complete services that projects demand. All engineering and architecture services are provided by very well qualified professionals. Our quality control and quality assurance processes are the main guarantee of exceeding the client expectations. SALO Engineering’s approach takes complex problems and creates cost effective solutions for the benefit of the people and the clients. We Design Smart Solutions for Civil Engineering, Construction Management, Water Resources, Environmental Engineering.

A & P celebrates the growth and graduation of Salo Engineering’s Vice President, Cristina Salib from the Bank of America Training Scholarship program – where she gained knowledge and insights into leadership, sales, customer loyalty and more. Now, Cristina is a part of our Group Coaching program en español.

Learn more about SALO ENGINEERING and their services by clicking the button below to visit their website.


Dreamie Cookies & Dreamie Foods

dreamie cookies_feature photo

Dreamie Foods, Inc. and Dreamie Cookies is a disabled diverse business enterprise and has been in operation since 2010.

The company uses all-natural ingredients and offers several unique varieties of gourmet baked goods. The menu includes New York style cheesecakes, a wide variety of freshly baked cookies, and gluten free products. Dreamie Cookies & Dreamie Foods’ prices are considered both reasonable and competitive and the company caters to both small and large functions in all Central Florida counties.

Jack Pinnock, President and CEO, and Cathy Pinnock, Vice President of Marketing, have many years of experience serving the food catering needs of Fortune 100 companies, and national non-profit organizations. Jack has a strong background in Finance and Operations and has enjoyed successful careers at Merrill Lynch and Cigna. Additionally, he is a 2019 graduate of the Wyndham Vacations Mentor Protégé program and Chairman of The Hope Center in Clermont, FL. Cathy has many years of corporate marketing experience with The Walt Disney World Company and The Mark Travel Corporation. The combination of their Entrepreneurial and Corporate experience, has enabled them to have a keen understanding of the importance of delivering high quality products and services to ensure customer satisfaction.

A & P celebrates the growth and success of Dreamie Cookies and Dreamie Foods, Inc. and has seen them continue to deliver quality products and service during the COVID pandemic.

Way to go Jack and Cathy!

Learn more about how Dreamie Foods & Dreamie Cookies can be your solution to a satisfied palate. 


Re-Fresh Purification

If you live in Florida, air conditioning is not just a luxury, it is a necessity. 

The best way to keep your home or office cool is to ensure your air conditioner is running at maximum efficiency. Regular maintenance of your air conditioning system can actually save you money by avoiding major repairs or replacements down the road. And the best way to do this is by contact Re-Fresh Purification!

Ricardo DePalm

Re-Fresh Purifications is led by US Army veteran, Ricardo DePalm. He has honored his country through his careers as a veteran and as an entrepreneur. DePalm has 20 years of experience in HVAC installation and maintenance; serving as the repair government project lead for the US Army, Project Executive Office while assigned to the Regional Command (Southwest) in Kandahar, Afghanistan and now in Qatar. He now serves as the owner and leader of the veteran owned business enterprise, Re-Fresh Purification, serving government agencies and private residential and commercial clients.

A&P International, Inc. is humbled and honored to have DePalm and his business as a recipient of our package program for DBEs composed of business coaching and business development.

Ricardo does not believe in maintaining an entitlement attitude when serving as a Certified Veteran DBE! He believes in delivering excellence in all his services. His common mantra is to “Protect the Nation; Protect our Client Systems!” Some of his technician certifications include NATE certification and Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) certification. His clientele base includes: the Florida Department of Management Services, OCPS, and Universal Studios, to mention a few.

Congratulations to Re-Fresh Purification!


Why Veterans Make Great Entrepreneurs | Entrepreneur

Veteran Entrepreneurship

Did you know that a business owner of one in ten of every ten businesses are veterans? In this article you will learn what qualities are being transferred from battlefields to the frontlines of the marketplace that make veterans successful in business. The purpose is to provide readers a mindset and appreciation of the skills and successes of veteran entrepreneurship.


We can start with discipline and hard work. The military instills accuracy, planning, and follow-through as necessary elements of life; in all aspects of life. That is why for them establishing a business venture is no different. They bring these engrained principles of discipline and hard work to their business ethics.

They also bring dedication and focus to reaching their set goals. Their passion to serve others goes beyond the desire for a reward. Combined, they focus on providing a solution and value to their client(s); creating a successful environment for continual growth and satisfaction.

Teamwork and the ability to work under pressure are characteristics that military and veterans learn to develop and master.  They depend on the collaboration of their peers; creating trust and areas of responsibility to get the job done. These traits are primary reasons that 45% of them are more likely to be self-employed than non-veterans.

Click Here: Why Veterans Make Great Entrepreneurs | Entrepreneur


Rios, L. J. (2020). Why Veterans Make Great Entrepreneurs. Entrepreneur. Retrieved from: https://www.entrepreneur.com/article/355164


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