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FastSigns of Downtown Orlando Southside


FASTSIGNS of Orlando Downtown Southside provides comprehensive signs to help businesses and organizations – including manufacturers, schools and universities, retailers, construction companies, healthcare facilities and many other industries – extend their brand’s reach and communicate messages to their audiences.

Their vision is to empower the hardworking business owners around the South Orlando district that want & deserve the one-on-one attention they need to further expand their business. They focus on delivering exceptional service, providing unmatched consultation, and delivering quality products each and every time. When their clients grow, they grow!

See below examples of signs they can supply you.


FastSigns has been a crucial element is supporting businesses maintain safe, social distancing in their offices and stores. They work side-by-side business owners to facilitate the design, creation, and installation of these signs; completely removing the headaches and concerns of business owners and executives to properly create the safe working environments for their businesses. Thank you FastSigns for being part of the solution to keep our communities safe!

A&P is proud to have FastSigns of Downtown Orlando Southside as one our clients and participants in our Group Coaching model, who has already benefited from networking with other participants in the group.  The Group Coaching model has proven to develop participants through mutual business opportunities.

fastsigns leadership

Fastsigns of Downtown Orlando Southside is led by El Salvador natives and international printing and packaging experts, Constance and Francisco Giammattei. Together they lead the company towards their mission to create a socially responsible company that has a positive impact on their community, while providing a great working environment for all of their employees. They state that, “With 30 years in the international marketing business, we know how to help our clients give their customers better visual experiences through signs, graphics, banners, and so much more. Do you want to attract more business? We are your go to experts in all things marketing. Our business is focused on having long-term relationships. We pride ourselves on being a part of the community!”

Congratulations to FASTSIGNS!

Learn more about how FastSigns can be your solution to signage and much more by clicking the link below.


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How To Make Work Fun, Develop Creativity

fun at work

Work culture is an intangible ecosystem that makes some places wonderful or toxic to work. The essence of an organization is what constitutes its work culture. Entrepreneur informs us that it affects or defines the ability of the leadership and employees to relate to each other for the common good of the organization. It operates within a mutually agreed and acceptable boundary of cultural values and emotional interface. It is widely understood that a positive ambience can make or break your performance in the workplace. No matter how talented or smart your employees are, they can only work to the best of their capabilities and creative skills when they are surrounded by an encouraging environment that values its personnel. This is why work culture is so important in bringing out the best from your employees even in adverse circumstances. Negativity not only kills creativity and will to perform but also does not allow an employee to develop a sense of affection and ownership with the organization.

How can you encourage your staff to develop camaraderie, friendship, and team building? First, it’s important to understand that you can’t force it. This is a matter of building a culture, so it needs to happen organically. Your organization culture is built and developed by the people within the organization. It is initiated by leaders but formed and developed by all the employees of a business. LifeSpeak affirms that leaders can plant the seeds by demonstrating interactive behavior. Employees are more likely to embrace the chance to bond with their colleagues if they see that it’s accepted and encouraged by their leadership.

While most people, generally, would rather spend time with their friends and family than be at work, there’s no need for workdays to be miserable. Investing time and effort into making your workplace a more enjoyable place to be can have tangible positive benefits for employees, teams, and your wider organization.  Here are seven reasons, from CIPHR, why fun should be part of your HR strategy.

  • HAPPY EMPLOYEES ARE HEALTHIER – Content employees who have fun at work are more likely to avoid the negative effects of stress and anxiety that have even been shown to lower heart rate variability (the time interval between beats).
  • HAVING FUN IMPROVES COMMUNICATION AND COLLABORATION – Nearly two-thirds (65%) of knowledge workers collaborate multiple times a day with their colleagues, so encouraging an effective way to improve cohesion within your organization should be a priority.
  • FUN GENERATES CREATIVITY – Individuals’ ability to learn improves when the task at hand is enjoyable and they’re in a relaxed mood. Play can also stimulate imagination, helping people adapt and problem solve. Creative environments have a natural and green atmosphere and activity that is easily distinguishable. There’s a buzz in the air, colleagues are enthusiastic and energetic, and there are lots of conversations happening. Leaders, make the work environment fun and creative.
  • HAVING FUN ENCOURAGES ADVOCACY – Advocates act as a powerful force in shaping the public perception of an organization. Employees that have fun, enjoy what they do, and are engaged will naturally share stories and act as advocates for your brand – on and offline. If every one of your employees shared news and updates about your brand to their own social groups, then your audience will increase exponentially – and for free.
  • HAVING FUN MAKES EMPLOYEES MORE PRODUCTIVE – A 2015 study by the University of Warwick’s Centre for Competitive Advantage in the Global Economy found that happier employees are more productive by an average of 12% and, in some cases, up to 20% more than a control group.
  • PROMOTING FUN ATTRACTS AN AUDIENCE – The opportunity that having fun at work provides an organization is substantial. Sharing stories about enjoyable atmosphere in your workplace can be a crucial part of a compelling employer branding story and can help to garner attention on social media. Providing a window for people to find out about daily life at your organization increases familiarity and trust. Whether a potential customer or passive talent, if that individual feels that they ‘know’ your company and can see your ‘human’, fun side then they’ll be more likely to engage with you.

It is crucial to incorporate creativity, greenery, interaction, etc. into the workplace to make it exciting for employees and clients to desire to come to the workplace.

August is Family Fun Month. While you spend time having fun with your family at home, remember the importance of developing your work family by creating a corporate culture that is exciting, engaging, and generating creativity!

The following sources were used to compile the information and hints to create this article on the importance of developing fun in a work culture:

Bhardwaj, R. (2016, February 03). Why it’s Important to Build a Good Work Culture. Retrieved from Entrepreneur: https://www.entrepreneur.com/article/270338

Chignell, B. (2018, May 22nd). Six reasons why fun in the office is the future of work. Retrieved from CIPHR: https://www.ciphr.com/advice/fun-in-the-office/

LifeSpeak. (n.d.). The importance of having fun at work. Retrieved from LifeSpeak


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What Innovation Looks Like for Black and Latin Female Founders | BRIT+CO

women innovation

Women of color are leading entrepreneurship and innovation. They are the fastest growing group of entrepreneurs in the United States. Although they are growing, they are still facing obstacles and difficulties in reaching their maximum potential due to a lack of capital. With this capital, a right combination of resources and community, can develop an innovative space created for a pioneer.

Women demonstrate, not only they have the potential to be leaders, yet that they are leaders. They are leaders all over our communities – in businesses, in schools, in politics, in hospitals, in homes, and so many other places where women are leading their arenas to excellence. Many have had to achieve these levels of success without the right combinations of support. Just imagine what could happen when women receive all the financial and staffing support they need to reach their visions.

Inclusion in entrepreneurship is a must because through diversity, inclusion, and equality, we can engage the world, Through incorporating an intercultural contextualized marketing strategy in entrepreneurship, we can properly engage our target markets and reach our maximum potential.

Click Here: What Innovation Looks Like for Black and Latinx Women by BRIT+CO


Maillian, L. (2020, July 27). What Innovation Looks Like for Black and Latinx Female Founders. Retrieved from BRIT+CO: https://www.brit.co/digitalundivided-innovation/


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MTI Moten Tate

MTI Moten Tate, Inc offers a full range of professional IT staffing services to support your internal operations. The credentials of their associates assure to bring sourcing, recruiting and placement of the best potential employees required for the execution of your business. Their goal is to provide complete support to the employers with a professional and efficient manner. Moten Tate has built a human resource services company that focuses on the recruitment, retention and deployment of outstanding talent and the technology that supports customer goals.

A&P is proud to have MTI Moten Tate as one our clients and participants in our Group Coaching model, who has already benefited from networking with other participants in the group. Through the accountability partner in the group, the business received the PPP Loan to maintain its growth, and to continue to support their clients. Simultaneously, MTI Moten Tate is also supplying business opportunities to other participants in the group. The Group Coaching model has proven to develop participants through mutual business opportunities.

"So we can sum this up by saying that 81% of new hires fail not due to lack of job skills, yet due to factors that will fall into the category of attitude."

MTI Moten Tate is your solution to minimizing your organization’s financial costs for a “poor hire”. They pre-qualify possible employees before presenting them to you to ensure a higher probability that the individual will fit not only the job description, yet the culture of the work environment you have worked hard to build.  Moten Tate has proven strategies and assessments to bring you the best individuals for your workplace that have the attitude to excel and succeed. Trust Moten Tate to fulfill your HR needs.

Human Resource Capital

MTI Moten Tate is led by human resource generalist, expert and strategic leader, Kenneth Moten. He opened his business in 2002 after being the Vice President of Human Resources of a major corporation. He has grown his business on the unique skills of providing talent acquisition and retention solutions to his clients. He is endorsed by more than 100 individuals in Human Resources. With his vast expertise and leadership skills, he has developed his business and his employees to become specialists of the industry who are empowered to handle large, technical or time sensitive recruiting, staff augmentation and human resource projects which may overburden your existing HR staff, offering a “Center of Excellence” in cost effective Human Capital Solutions.

Congratulations to MTI Moten Tate!

Learn more about how MTI Moten Tate can fulfill your staffing and HR needs by clicking the link below.


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Lessons on Diversity From a Century Ago Still Resonate | CSUF NEWS SERVICE

historical diversity

What is Patriotism?

Saturday is the celebration of our nation’s Independence. It is a day that for many means fireworks and BBQs. However, for others, it is a memory of the incredible fight, the lives that were taken, in order for all that would inhabit the land to live freely and no longer be owned by another; that we would have the freedom and liberty to rule ourselves. This article, written by CSUF News Service, details the long road individuals from diverse backgrounds have had since the birth of our nation.

This is historical diversity.

The article begins with a quote from Ralph Ellison in 1972, “I believe in diversity, and I think the real death of the United States will be when everyone is just alike.” Undoubtedly, a powerful statement. Real death of an entire nation could result from similarities and clones. What will keep the country moving forward, as it has, is the development and integration of our differences into creative strategies for continuous growth.

The reality is cultural diversity is vital today, just as much as it was a century ago. This overview of the work and platform of philosopher Horace Kallen details his stance on cultural pluralism during the 1900s. Besides being a time when “Americanism” and the demonizing of people of color erupted, this philosopher published articles and a book to demonstrate the power and beauty of diversity in America. Kallen, a Caucasian male born in Boston, knew the importance of diversity and how it would revolutionize our world. He became friends with fellow cultural diversity enthusiast, Alain Locke – an African American male. Together, they formed a friendship that would intensify and defy all stereotypical bonds. Despite the color of their skins and the origins of their ethnicity, their friendship empowered others to celebrate cultural differences and embrace pluralism as the highest form of patriotism.

How will you demonstrate your patriotism on Saturday, as you celebrate Independence Day?

Click the link below to read the article:

Lessons on Diversity From a Century Ago Still Resonate from CSUF News Center.


CSUF News Service. (2020, June 22). Lessons on Diversity From a Century Ago Still Resonate. Retrieved from CSUF News Center: http://news.fullerton.edu/2020sp/Diversity-Lessons-Philosopher-Kallen.aspx


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Business Development Combo Training Scholarship Program


The main objective of the Business Development Combo Training Program  is to empower Senior Leadership Staff of Diverse Business Enterprises and Women Business Owned, with the knowledge and experience recommended for C Suit Level in the areas of
Leadership, Customer Service, Marketing and Sales, Cross Cultural Communications, and Diversity & Inclusion recommended in today’s market.

The training program lasts 6 months. Each month compromises of a 3 hour session that will discuss an area of business listed above. Those eligible for this scholarship are business owners or key business leaders that own or belong to a business that is currently certified as either a small or diverse business by a recognized national or state diversity certifying agency, including, but not limited to, the following diversity classifications:

  • Minority Business Enterprise (MBE)
  • Women Business Enterprise (WBE)
  • Disabled Person-Owned
  • US Pan Asian American Chamber of Commerce (USPAAC)
  • Veteran-Owned
  • LGBT-Owned
  • HUBZone (Historically Underutilized Business Zones

For more information, please select whether to send an email to our Global Connections Coordinator, Damaris Perez requesting more information, or, if you are ready to begin the application process, book a meeting with her.

Watch our video below of our 2020 Program Graduates! Then, see what our graduates have to say about this program.


A&P International provides training that typically benefits Fortune 500 companies, and to have the opportunity to experience this training has been wonderful. As a small business, we do not have the resources to afford this type of training and A&P really does a great job throughout the entire set of classes they offer to expose and explain many great business topics that will benefit Albu & Associates for years to come.





I am grateful to everyone at A&P International for all their effort and work they put into the curriculum for this program. It was relevant, personal and will benefit our business for years to come!




The A&P team delivered a powerful training class entitled, Business Development Training Combo. This self-development business course analyzed me as a person and a leader. It helped me understand where my management team stood and how to have better interactions and attain a higher production from them. Knowing the difference between Customer Satisfaction and Customer Loyalty enabled me to have the proper technique to sell and brand. The material covered a lot of ground, however, Ana Maria, Renee, and the rest of the A&P team made it very impactful in there deliverance. It was very interactive and personal. They aligned each of our businesses to the material being taught. All of the training will be put to good use. Great job, A&P team!




I have really enjoyed this program, it is not just a refresher or course, but it challenges the participants to look deep into themselves and recognize areas of opportunity to improve. The fact that Ana Maria and Renee are brutally honest with you when going over your own self assessments and characteristics, truly motivates you to be better, embrace changes and be honest with yourself. I recommend this course to anybody who wants to take a hard look in the mirror, is willing to take the mirror’s feedback and apply it to your life and business. Thanks!




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A&G Marketing

A & G Marketing Group is ​your future, outsourced marketing team. They help organizations drive growth with industry-leading promotional items and effective multi-dimensional marketing campaigns. They have from branded merchandise, creative services, tradeshow displays, web development, printing services and social distancing/PPE products. Their mission is to enhance and simplify the delivery of commercial printing, promotional products, business forms and eCommerce solutions, and to be bigger, better, faster and smarter. Ultimately, providing you with more control, improved productivity and increased profitability. 

A&G Marketing is a family-owned-and-operated business that can fulfill all your marketing and promotional-product needs. This business began with a plan for succession. Started by Jennifer and Pablo Prahl in 2010, they decided to name their business “A&G Marketing”. A&G stands for Adrian and Gabriel, Jennifer and Pablo’s two sons. Together, Jennifer and Pablo work hard to create a legacy within their business and their family that their sons can inherit and develop even more. A&P International is proud to be their business coach; guiding them in how to do business in Central Florida since their creation. It is a blessing to partner with them and their team in creating the legacy of A&G Marketing.

The company is a key leader of the marketing and advertising industry – supporting small and large business with whatever marketing and promotional needs they may have. 

For their successful work in the industry, the business has won several awards. In 2017 and 2019, they were awarded by Proforma’s HQ the recognition for increasing their sales more than $100,000 from the year prior. They also received an award for their physical store acquisition located in Downtown Lake Mary in 2018.

Congratulations to A&G Marketing Group!

Learn more about A&G by clicking the link below.


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