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English class starts on March 17, 2023
Spanish class starts April 20, 2023

Our Course Includes:

The Business Success Accelerator (BSA) Group Coaching program is a 12-month business coaching and development program designed to help you establish, build and succeed in your business. In this program, you will engage with other entrepreneurs and business owners in a 3-hour group session delivered by experts and masters of business. You will also receive a personalized 1-1 coaching session with a certified coach. Both, provided to you once a month.

Topics to be covered include:

What Will You Takeaway From This Program?

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Led By Certified Coaches & Experts

In a rapidly uncertain and changing marketplace, you should learn from the best. Our coaches are specialists in various industries and masters of business.

They will guide, mentor and support you in your leadership and business goals.

Tony Lowry

CFO / Certified Trainer & Coach

Damaris Perez

Global Connections Coordinator

Samuel Lowry

Center Director

Extra Benefits

If eligible for a diversity certification, our team will assist and guide you throughout the application and submittal process to have your business certified by a national, regional or local agency.

You can also opt in to receive Business Development services, with the purchase of this program! We will mentor you and present you to buyers and procurement teams that would be interested in using your products and/or services.

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Hear From Our Alumni

Business Owners who took this program have something to tell you

Lori Tripp
Co-Owner, JB's Fish Camp

“I have gained knowledge to help me run my business better and more successfully. I have grown as a leader and as a result of my growth I can now see the same growth happening in my managers.”

binger small logo
Catherine Binger
President, Binger Insurance

“Coaching has impacted our business immensely. Our team has come together, and is being held accountable. It has helped us focus on the “pie in the sky” – the end result! In 4 years, we grew from $350K to $1.3MM in revenue!

Miriam Soto
Owner, WHYVP

“The Group Coaching has aligned me to stay focused, bring clarity, and brought me back from the middle of the storm (an awakening). Now our mission is very clear: To provide individuals the voice & path needed to receive the care owed to them.”

Constance Giammattei
Co-Owner, Giamon, LLC - FastSigns SODO

“It has been a great experience. During a different year with the pandemic, getting in touch with A&P has been a relief in many ways. Ana Maria and her team helped me in more aspects that I would have expected.”

Leo Anderson
Owner, Taste of the Islands

“This program has taken me from being an untrained, enthusiastic entrepreneur to one who is more deliberate in my plans and more assertive. This has been a life changing process for me and my business. I no longer wing it…I make relevant and necessary moves.”

salo logo
Cristina Salib
President, Salo Engineering

I loved the dynamics and engagement of the instructors, and the curriculum taught was fruitful. I was able to retrospectively understand how I did business, and how I can continue to grow and build based on what I learned in the Group Coaching program.”

Frequently Asked Questions

No, we help entrepreneurs and business owners from every stage in the Business Life Cycle, from Discovery to Succession.

The program is covered over a 12-month span.

Every month you will participate in a 3-hour group coaching session, meet 1-1 with your coach, gather with your accountability partner, and complete the assigned homework. You can expect to spend a minimum of 5 hours a month in this program.

The A&P curriculum team has further developed the content initially written by Kingdom Business Coaching (KBC), also known by their sister organization, Nehemiah Project International Ministries. We have incorporated further information to better support the development and success of Diverse Business Owners in the Supplier Diversity industry.

The BSA Group Coaching program costs $600/month for 12 months. The fee is invoiced monthly.

You can definitely look for a sponsor to support your journey as an entrepreneur. Sponsors can pay through our nonprofit, 501c3 partner, the Nehemiah Project International Ministries, by using this link:

Amount paid by sponsors are tax-deductible. An added benefit to your sponsor!

Once sponsor has confirmed submission of their payment, you must email informing us that a payment has been made on your behalf with the name of your sponsor and the amount donated. Once our team has confirmed receipt, you will only be responsible for the balance not covered by your sponsor.

You will identify where your business currently is in the Business Life Cycle, key objectives that define success for your business, and meet monthly with a business coach to ensure the content and best practices you are learning are correctly applied to your organization. Most times, this results in a financial return on investment beyond that of your investment in this program.

Clients that have gone through this program have grown from $350K to $1.3M, bidding projects from $250K to $12M, and from $0 (Discovery) to being self-sustainable from their own business.

We teach that impact is measured in 4 ways – people, planet, profit, and eternity.

Success is liking yourself, liking what you do, and liking how you do it.” – Maya Angelou

In BSA Group Coaching, we not only teach and guide entrepreneurs and business owners how to build a successful business. We also teach them how to build in the right way – profitably and ethically. Many successful entrepreneurs need help ensuring their success comes from a process they are proud of and can stand by. Is that you? If yes, then you have your answer.

We also believe that no matter how successful you are, you always need a coach and advisors to guide you along the way to scalability and succession – ensuring the business you built remains as a positive legacy.

The BSA Group Coaching program is currently available in English and Spanish.

Sustain Your Business with community, coaching, & development.



Everything Included:

All for Just: $600/month

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