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Terms and Conditions

The Business Success Accelerator, hereafter known as BSA, is a 12 month live, peer-to-peer, group coaching program that offers an outstanding, cost-effective coaching solution for entrepreneurs at any growth stage of their business through a trusted collaborative shared value learning environment. BSA membership is a privilege and not a right, therefore as a member, you agree to conduct yourself based on the below terms and expectations to ensure that objectives are met, and other members are honored.

The objectives of BSA are to help entrepreneurs:

  • Enhance their personal and business relationships so they can build relational equity with all the stakeholders for sustainable success
  • Integrate core values throughout the business so the culture of the organization is enhanced.
  • Grow the financial top and bottom line with community impact.

As a member, participants have the right to:

  • Ongoing education and coaching opportunity to grow their business
  • A monthly 3-hour group coaching session
  • An accountability partner with whom entrepreneurs may meet one hour a month
  • A monthly one-hour individual coaching session with a Certified Business Coach
  • Access to capital to connect with investors to finance their business through the Global Kingdom Investors Network (BSA Membership does not guarantee investment and other prerequisites may be applicable)*
  • Privacy in group discussions
  • Be respected by the coach and other members

*The Global Kingdom Investors Network is operated by our nonprofit partner, Orlando E-Community Center, Nehemiah Project International Ministries.

The participant understands that to maximize their benefits while honoring other members they have a responsibility to:

  • Pay their coaching fees on time**
  • Purchase any additional supplies necessary to ensure their success in the group
  • Commit to being active for the entire 12 months**
  • Attend each monthly meeting on time and be present***
  • Adhere to the meeting agenda during group sessions
  • Do the assignments each month and come to the sessions ready to discuss the assignment
  • Meet with their accountability partner each month
  • Schedule a one-hour individual coaching session each month with their coach and, if needed, more than one hour, the participant agrees to pay the coach for the additional time
  • Respect the confidentiality of the group

**If a client does not pay their coaching fees on time, please see the section of Cancellation Policy

 ***We understand that a client may need to skip a session or two due to various emergency situations, in this instance, the client understands they will receive the recording of the session in lieu of their monthly 3-hour group session.

The participant also understands that all BSA Group Coaching materials are the copyright and trademark of Kingdom Business Coaching International and Nehemiah Project International Ministries, nonprofit partner of A&P International, and they agree not to share them with anyone else other than members of their business and family as a part of fulfilling their responsibilities as a member of the group.

Cancellation Policy

Invoices for the BSA Group Coaching program are sent to the client prior to the applicable sessions. The invoice is to be paid prior to the 1-1 coaching session, at minimum. A&P International does not issue refunds for invoices paid. 

Participants of BSA commit to be a part of the program for the entire 12-month duration. However, if due to financial, family, etc circumstances, a participant may need to excuse themselves from the group. In this instance, the participant must send a written notice to their coach via email and agrees to pay current (and overdue) invoices for coaching fees and an additional two (2) months, unless the group finishes prior to the completion of those two (2) months, in which they will be responsible to finish paying the remaining of the program.

For example, if a participant requests via email to exit the group in February, they are responsible to pay coaching fees for February, March, and April, unless the program finishes in March, in which they will only need to pay fees through March.

If a participant becomes Missing In Action (MIA) and does not attend and pay two (2) months of coaching sessions without any communication (oral or written) to their coach, the participant will be removed from the group. At this moment, they will no longer receive recordings of the group coaching sessions. The participant will also be responsible to pay those two (2) months and an additional two (2) months of coaching fees, unless the group finishes prior to the completion of those two (2) months, in which they will be responsible to finish paying the remaining of the program.

For example, if a participant stops communicating with their coaches starting in February, and it is now April, they will be removed from the group. The participant is now responsible to pay coaching fees for February, March, April, and May, unless the program finishes in April, in which they will only need to pay fees through April.

If the participant is found to reflect values and actions inconsistent with the values and convictions of A&P International, A&P International has the right to terminate the participant’s activity in the group, effective immediately, along with any contract the participant may have with A&P International for additional services. For a list of A&P International’s convictions, mission and vision, please visit our About Us webpage.  

For any questions regarding the Terms and Conditions, please email us at support@anpintl.com.

Last updated on March 13, 2023.

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