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The Heart of a Hispanic

Heart of a Hispanic

Celebra La Hispanidad

To honor Hispanic Heritage Month (from September 15 – October 15, 2021), we hosted a special broadcast with community leaders that serve our ever-growing Hispanic community. We discussed with our panel what it means to have and succeed with the beating heart of a Hispanic! Watch the video below to key into what has been accomplished by the Hispanic population and how we can grow even more as a united community!

Our Panel


Jeanette Mora

Managing Attorney
Law Office of Jeanette Mora

maria cherjovsky

Maria Cherjovsky

Florida Abilities & Inclusion Network

susan schramm

Susan Schramm

Founder & Principal
Go to Market Impact, LLC

rafael pratts

Rafael E. M. Pratts

Business Consultant

Watch the Recording

Samuel Lowry
Marketing & Communications Manager


Podcast Session 08 – Finding Our Identity


Who am I?

Have you ever asked yourself that question…..

Well, we have. And we went to figure out and now have partnered to offer a course that will help YOU find out who you are and why you put on this earth. This course is called Identity and Destiny.

Listen to this amazing podcast session with Executive Leadership from Binger Insurance & Financial Consulting, Roy and Catherine Binger, as well as moderating, our President & CEO Ana Maria Quintero Lowry. Both Ana Maria and Catherine have taken the course and they share their experience in going through that journey. Roy has just started the course and shares what he is looking forward to accomplishing and see his transformation from beginning to his mosaic upon completion of the course. This video is only about 23 minutes and maybe in that time you’ll find that you too would like to start this journey of Identity and Destiny. 

Play Video

For more information regarding Identity and Destiny, chat with us below and let us know. We would be more than happy to help you get ready for our upcoming classes.

Inspired by Roy and Catherine Binger and want to get connected with them, visit their website by clicking the link below.



Podcast Session 07 – La Mujer Maravilla

podcast_la mujer maravilla

En español

Celebrando la mujer maravilla hoy en día, heroínas en el negocio y en la familia.

En esta sesión hablamos con nuestra invitada especial Edna Carbajal, de Nehemiah Project México. Ella nos habla sobre su camino en el negocio y cómo ser un ejemplo para sus hijos. Esta increíble sesión le puede abrir los ojos a ver una realidad en cómo nosotros podemos ser un ejemplo en los negocios y simultáneamente en nuestras familias. Uno no tiene que escoger entre uno y el otro. Como mujer o hombre, podemos ser líderes en nuestras familias y también ser inolvidables en nuestras empresas.

Escucha este podcast. Es una maravilla.

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Para más información sobre Edna Carbajal o del Nehemiah Project México, visita esta página web o encuéntralos en Facebook.


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