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Celebra Hispanic Heritage Series

Watch the videos below to see the spotlights of our Celebra Hispanic Heritage series. As a tribute to all the Hispanics in our community and to our spotlighted guests, who have reached all levels of success in our community, we welcome you to watch our series. Celebra La Hispanidad!

In Honor of Hispanic Heritage Month ...

Session 1 – Kimberly Lopez

In this session, we hear from Attorney Kimberly Lopez of Akerman, LLP, one of the largest law firms across the nation with over 750 attorneys. She is a partner at the law firm, and in this session, she describes the factors of mentorship and community that have influenced her journey and helped her reach success. Kimberly is known as one of the best business litigation attorneys in our Central Florida community.

Thank you Kimberly for your time shared with us and for your incredible service to our Hispanic community in Central Florida!

Session 2 – Veronica Montilla

Senior Interior Designer Veronica Montilla of Ramksi & Company, Inc, shares about her journey to success. She is a native from Argentina, and moved to the United States when she was about 4 years old. She attributes community and passion for her industry to her success. She recognizes that Interior Design is a combination between an art and a science. 

Thank you Veronica for your time shared with us and for your incredible story regarding your success in your industry as a Hispanic!

Session 3 – Eric Hernandez

In this session, we hear from Eric Hernandez, Vice President of Fleet and Assets of Massey Services. Massey Services is the 5th largest Pest Control organization in the nation. Eric demonstrates and shares with us about his success, and how he gives back to the community as an advocate for Men Wear Pink, in partnership with the American Cancer Society, to support Breast Cancer Awareness. In the session, Eric came wearing exactly what he preached – pink tie, watch, and socks!

Thank you Eric for your time shared with us and for your incredible service to our Hispanic community across our nation! We are wearing pink with you!

Session 4 – Jeanette Schutz

In this session, we are honored to receive M.B.E. Manager of the Florida Turnpike, Jeanette Schutz; a proven and recognized advocate for diversity ad minority-owned businesses across Central Florida. Jeanette shares with us about her journey as a Colombian woman here in the United States, and what she advises young individuals striving to do to reach success – work hard and be the best you can be at one skill!

Thank you Jeanette for your time shared with us and for your incredible contributions to the growth and development of the Hispanic community in our nation!

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