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We Serve corporations and government agencies in need of design, implementation and growth of their supplier diversity programs and pre-qualified diverse business enterprises (DBEs) for their projects.

Pre-qualification of Diverse Business Enterprises

Our corporate and government agencies’ clients are confident in the quality of pre-qualified and vetted Diverse Business Enterprises our company provides them in their multiple needed trades.

The realize our suppliers have been sources and developed through one-0n-one business coaching program and have been equipped to become pre-provides them in their multiple needed trades.

A & P International has attracted and retained Fortune 500 clients such as Universal Parks and Resorts, Wyndham Destinations, Goodwill Industries, as well as several government and hybrid agencies who continuing calling our offices requesting our suppliers and awarding them with multi-million-dollar projects.

Our one of a kind Mentor- protégé programs are customized according to the needs and expectations of the corporate or agency hosting the program. It could be a 6 to 12- month program, a 4 to 8 Weekly program, according to the main focus of this signature initiative.

The corporation or government agency has the option to provide the group of diverse business enterprises they would like for us to mentor or they can request from us, a group of diverse suppliers according to their needed trades. In either case, the proteges receive a monthly or weekly 2 to 4 hours group coaching session.

Executive Training

Our training team counts over 30 years of experience in the areas of Leadership, Sales, Customer Service, Team Building, Cross Cultural, Diversity and Inclusion and Human Resources issues.

We are certified on:

  • 360 Leadership
  • Situational Leadership
  • DISC Human and Cultural Behavior
  • Jeffrey Gitomer Sales and Customer Service Training
  • The Nehemiah Project Executive Entrepreneur Training

Our own curriculum trainings are transformational, interactive, and hands on, delivered in blocks of 2 – 4- or 8-hours blocks. We provide the corresponding assessments, our own material and certifications.

We deliver our trainings at our client’s facilities, our own conference room, or in workshops formats – local, nationwide, or internationally.

Engaging Diversity with DISC Training has the main purpose to improve collaboration and reduce conflict in the organization; to build results-producing teams; to develop effective leaders and managers; to enable you to help predict how a person will behave in a one-on-one situation and/or a team; and, to improve your ability to communicate with each person.

The DISC Model of Human Behavior equips individuals in their professional and personal lives to understand why people do what they do; feel the way they feel; and act the way they act. This specific training will empower you in how to relate to co-workers and clients from other cultures – increasing your productivity, sales, and ROI. Along with this training, you will receive a personal assessment, handouts, and a course book.

  • Thanks Ana Maria and her A&P International team for conducting our 360° Assessment and Leadership Training.  I have participated in some of these before and A&P International’s was by far the best and most productive course yet.  The presentation was very genuine, and she made the material relatable.  It really brought my team together and opened a lot of eyes.  Highly recommended!


  • A & P International has helped us in many ways. They identified for us vendors that might not be at that stage but realize that they can be in the next stage with some training and coaching, basically preparing them in how to do business here at the Florida Turnpike Enterprise. A & P team equips their suppliers in what we expect from them, allowing them to be successful in their bidding opportunities, so we can award them as recipients of our multi-million-dollar projects.

    florida turnpike


  • A & P International, Inc. Talent Development Services helped me as a People leader. The teams I lead are from different cultures and any tips I can gather on better ways to look at myself as a leader or how to develop, communicate and work with my teams are important to me.


  • Validus Construction Services was a protégé in the Wyndham Destination Mentor/Protégé Signature Program in 2018. Since our first meeting to our last one, the journey was incredibly informational, educational and successful. Since our participation, we have increased our revenue by over 3 Million dollars in the first year – Over a Million of that just with Wyndham Destinations.

    By implementing the strategies and tools provided by A & P International, Inc as the facilitator of the program, we have been able to increase our customer base with other large corporations such as Universal Studios, Goodwill Industries and Disney having great success. The program has inspired us to work even harder to increase our minority participation on Tier II level. Our first Wyndham project had a second-tier minority participation of 72%.


  • A & P International, Inc.  Cross-cultural trainings have been helpful to me and my team professionally and personally in achieving a common ground in communication and persuasion with people from other cultures


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