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Juan Pablo Benitez

Juan Pablo Benítez

Translation Services Coordinator
Cathy Pinnock

Cathy Pinnock

Editing Coordinator

Cultural Relevant Translations

Our translation and editing team have the edge and literal expertise to execute translations that are culturally relevant. It captivates the audience of that specific culture, giving the impression that what they read was originally written in their native language. They stay up to date with the translation industry standards and new trends. By doing so, we enable authors to connect with their clients and create a lasting impression on their readers.

We translate and edit:

  • Books
  • Contracts
  • Magazines
  • Articles

Our team provides executive translation for the Esquire Magazine, for Rolling Stones Magazine (Colombia) and for the Resonant Productions for the Warner Brothers series E.R. (RCN Television), to mention a few.

We translate and edit documents to English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, and more. We also can provide interpretation of American Sign Language.

It was a pleasure working with A & P International, Inc. team and our prime contractors. The Florida Turnpike enterprise found your cultural neutral translation very useful as we deal with many Spanish speaking cultures, in which words may have different meanings. These translations were clear and concise. Users surveyed from different countries have found them very helpful and have praised how easy they were to understand.

florida turnpike



A&P International translated my book, Let’s Laugh: Dementia with Dignity from English (American) to Spanish. I have to say, the process was smooth, easy, and painless! My native Spanish-speaking friends said the translation was excellent – they were impressed. Thank you Juan Pablo! The Spanish version of my book is outpacing the English version in Amazon sales. This is a testament that Spanish-translated books are needed. I was so pleased with my first book translation that A&P is now translating my second book. Thank you A&P team!



A & P International, Inc. has served the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce of Metro Orlando as a referral for several translation projects. We recommend A & P as a quality of excellence in the company’s multicultural translation services. Their translation is cultural relevant and not a literal one.




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Juan Pablo Benítez

Translation Services Coordinator

Juan Pablo has the edge and literary expertise to execute translations that are culturally relevant; captivating the audience of that specific culture. They believe that what they are reading was written in their native language. By doing so, he assists our clients in reaching a broader audience. Juan Pablo stays up to date with the translation standards and new trends with the desire to lead A & P’s translation team to maintain its high standards that surpass the clients’ expectations.

As Translation Services Coordinator, he leads our translation team, reviewing and approving their work. In doing this, Juan Pablo and his team assist our clients in positioning their businesses in the Hispanic Market. He was born in Bogotá, Colombia where he studied Music and Literature at the Javeriana University. He has traveled around Latin America, The Caribbean and North America; developing his knowledge and expertise of the Hispanic culture; enhancing our Spanish translations of books, articles, legal documents, etc.

Cathy Pinnock

Editing Coordinator

Cathy knows how to develop a story in a way that captivates the reader’s full attention. With close to 30 years of experience in advertising design, business administration, marketing management, and counseling, Cathy has provided excellent editing work for our clients.  She delivers smart, conceptual thinking that activates far more consumers and ignites a pipeline of continuing work for our satisfied clients.

Cathy, a native of Connecticut, has accomplished the following education merits: BA in Advertising Design from University of Hartford, Master of Business Administration from Simmons College School of Management, Boston and Master of Science in Counseling Psychology from Palm Beach Atlantic University, Orlando.

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