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Our Diverse Business Enterprises (DBEs) coaching and business development services are provided in two different programs: In a one-on-one business coaching basis or in a group coaching alternative.

One-on-One Coaching

A &P is confident to say that this is by far one of our main differentiators from its potential competition in the market place. Our one of a kind individual coaching session is customized according to the need of the coached business owner, the readiness of the business and the individual requirements of the corporation or government agency, it will be introduced to.

This strategy provide a solution to the frustration of the diverse business enterprise that goes to the certification process as a minority, women business owned, disable, veteran or LGBT, then goes to all the events provided by those agencies that certified them, or by other agencies offering matchmaking events with their buyers, to find out that after the event, their phone calls and emails are not returned, and no business opportunities are offered. Simultaneously we provide a solution to the frustration of the corporations and government agencies that are approached by hundreds of diverse suppliers to find out that only few (almost 5 to 10%) are qualified to work with them.

Group Coaching

Group coaching is a live two monthly sessions, peer-to-peer coaching one-year program, made up of 6 to 12 members facilitated by a certified transformational business coach.

Our group coaching program offers an outstanding, cost effective coaching solution for entrepreneurs, investors, partners, and couples in business, at any growth stage through a joint learning environment. You and 4 to 7 other members will team up with an experience business coach to discover how to enhance your relationships, integrate your values into your business and grow your top and bottom line while making a community impact.

This group coaching alternative offers: three hours – monthly group coaching session; a monthly individual one-hour session with a certified business coach; peer support, advice and accountability and an opportunity to connect with other business owners.

A&P serves as Business Developer for its Diverse Business Enterprise (DBE) clients. We leverage our strong relationships with corporations and government agencies to connect them with our pre-qualified DBE clients, who are in search of fulfilling the requests of specified trades, products, and/or services the corporations have made.

In this capacity, A&P offers:

  • Business opportunities from corporations and government agencies.
  • Client preparation for an introduction meeting with potential buyers, procurement, and offices of supplier diversity.
  • Preparation and development of bids documents.
  • Preparation and compliance with specific contracts and requirements from buyers.
  • Complete partnership and assistance throughout the entire offer, proposal submission, contracts, and payment collection.

A & P International, Inc. business coaching is an educative and results proven tool for any entrepreneur or executive who wants to excel in life and take their company to the next level. It will help you understand the differences in cross-cultural communications and how easily it can be used to your advantage to do better business, close bigger sales, and create stronger, trustworthy relationships



A & P International, Inc. coaching services helped me to identify and adjust my approach to accommodate a specific potential client’s culture’s ideology and mannerism. By doing so, I doubled my closing ratio in a month.  The knowledge that I gained makes me comfortable in a community that is different than mine



A & P has been a large part of our success. They have the ability to introduce you and get you meetings with large corporations and government agencies. Ana Maria Lowry and her team are very well connected and highly respected in the community.

We have the opportunity to sit down with her as our business coach, set up meetings with larger corporations and prepare us for the presentation. Mrs. Lowry and her team prepare us to formulate the message the client need to hear; they follow up after the meeting; they guide you through the bidding process and celebrate together once the project is awarded.

Their coaching has been great for us and has been a catalyst for our growth. Our first project awarded by one of their clients, Universal Parks and Resorts was over half million dollars, now we are invited to participate in bids for projects over 12 million dollars. Under their coaching we were recognized as the Supplier of the Year with more than 5 year, by The Hispanic Chamber of Commerce of Metro Orlando with the highest recognition Don Quijote Award in 2016.



As a startup, Primo Homes is susceptible to pitfalls, most we are unaware exist. Fortunately, that hasn’t been our case. We have gone from zero revenue to $5.5 MM in projected gross revenue in just six months with our sales exponentially increasing in the subsequent year.

A & P International, through its group coaching alternative, has helped us craft a plan of attack and more importantly a plan of giving back to our community in a way that will outlast our legacy. The interaction with other business owners sharing their own experience in the different life cycle of their businesses, among the accountability factor is encouraging and powerful. Our culture will be defined by the mentoring we have received by A & P’s certified, experienced, and holistic coaches.


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