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Why Coaching

Our company prides itself on offering transformational and leading business coaching services for Diverse Business Enterprises (DBEs) to get them out of discovery and on their way to profitability.

A&P coaches are an active players in your business game. They become an extension of your organization that provides different alternatives, best practices, and more to see your business succeed and win! A coach’s relationship is ongoing!

Whether a 1-1 or group approach, our experts and coaches dedicate themselves to meeting your business-specific requirements, working alongside you to develop a feasible, profitable, and sustainable strategy.

Ignite Your Business

This group coaching program is designed for the aspiring business owners and entrepreneurs who need the guidance and expertise to start the business with the fundamentals to grow a profitable business that will create generational wealth. It encompasses 1-1 Business Coaching, Group Coaching classes on business essentials, Group Accountability sessions and more! This journey spans over 6 months and finishes with the entrepreneur’s marketing pitch deck. 

This investment is just $300/month.

BSA Group Coaching

This program takes business owners from break-even to sustainability. Over the next 12-months, business owners go in-depth over the various aspects of operating a successful business and leading a team towards sustainability. This program generates movement! It encompasses 1-1 Business Coaching, Accountability sessions, Group Coaching classes, networking opportunities, coaching and success plan, and more!

Investment for this program is just $600/month.

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1-1 Business Coaching

This is the most specified and unique of all of our coaching programs. You have a dedicated Business Coach that is focused on you and your business’ success. 

Coaching Memberships

For entrepreneurs and leaders seeking some contact time with a certified coach for guidance and support, consider one of our coaching memberships through our non-profit partner, the Nehemiah E-Community Orlando Center. You can select either the Diamond or Sustainable Church Membership. With both, you will receive a monthly coaching session and a whole bunch of benefits through the online E-Community platform.

Memberships start at $100/month.

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Check out some of our clients that have reaped the benefits of being coached by A&P International.

Client Testimonials

“I loved the dynamics and engagement of the instructors, and the curriculum taught was fruitful. I was able to retrospectively understand how I did business, and how I can continue to build based on what I learned in the Group Coaching program.”
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Cristina Salib
President, SALO Engineering
“Coaching has impacted our business immensely. Our team has come together, and is being held accountable. It has helped us focus on the “pie in the sky” – the end result! In 4 years, we grew from $350K to $1.3MM in revenue!“
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Catherine Binger
President, Binger Insurance

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