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“Every great dream begins with a dreamer. Always remember, you have within you the strength, the patience, and the passion to reach for the stars to change the world.”  – Harriet Tubman

When you picture a strong businesswoman, what do you think of or whom do you think of? What qualities form a strong women in the business world? Do these qualities describe a woman leader, or are those qualities characteristics of a leader?

We fixated on the division and the separation of women and men leaders. There is this culture within business that women do not have the same traits to be a leader than men. This simply is not true. However, in recognizing this, it is important that as we empower women, we do not demean the ability of men. Empowering women is not looking down on men, but learning how to work together to build each other up to reach our goals.

The Creator created us all with the same potential to become leaders. Those that develop their passions, strengths, and have some patience, are those that will become leaders of their business, community, and life.

We empower women to develop their traits and channel their inner strengths and passions into a business or role that they love, and use that love to increase their development as a leader. By having a little patience and the endurance in working hard and reaching goals, there is nothing that can stop women from reaching the stars and changing the world for the better.

We are proud to see so many women already focusing their strengths on their passions, and we congratulate our women-business owned clients who have done this. The following have followed their passions and have excelled in their careers: First Female Four-Star General, Retired Commander of U.S. Army Ann E. Dunwoody; Anthea Pennant – District Director, Supplier Relations and Diversity Business Services at the Broward College; the  Nicole Wickens –  CEO of Validus Construction Services awarded as fastest growing Construction company in Central Florida by Orlando Business Journal; Marcela Restrepo, President of Sky Builders USA well known in the Central Florida community and recognized at the Don Quijote Award by The Hispanic Chamber of Commerce of Metro Orlando; Dr. Felicia Young from ACY Contractors awarded with the Eagle Award by the  African American Chamber of Commerce; Jeanette Mora, Attorney at Law recognized as Member of the Board of the Bar Association and Yomaira  Muñoz recognized as Empresa Renovada in 2019.

Leaders and Leaders-to-be, you have what you need, now go and get it!

Samuel Lowry | Marketing & Communications Manager

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