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Glenn Repple is Founder and President of the G.A. Repple Financial Group which manages several businesses including G.A. Repple and Company, a national broker dealer and securities firm. Glenn’s journey of preparation in the Financial Services industry started in 1972, and eventually led him to become a Regional Vice President with E.F. Hutton Financial Services.

After 10 years of corporate training and experience and with an expanded passion for serving people, Glenn left E.F. Hutton in 1982 to become an independent Financial Planner to start G.A. Repple and Company. Since its founding, G.A. Repple has expanded with offices throughout the United States. G.A. Repple has assisted in raising millions of dollars to fund Kingdom of God purposes through tax and estate planning strategies. Glenn is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™, Certified Life Underwriter® and Enrolled Agent with the Internal Revenue Service. Glenn is also a Certified Biblical Entrepreneurship Teacher and Ordained Minister to the market place.

Glenn has trained over 500 business leaders who have likewise, claim, spreading the teaching into over 24 nations helping to fulfill Glenn’s mission – “Helping people fulfill God’s plan for their lives through business.”

G A Repple and Company A Registered Broker/Dealer & Investment Advisor Member FINRA &SIPC