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Lessons on Diversity From a Century Ago Still Resonate | CSUF NEWS SERVICE

What is Patriotism?

Saturday is the celebration of our nation’s Independence. It is a day that for many means fireworks and BBQs. However, for others, it is a memory of the incredible fight, the lives that were taken, in order for all that would inhabit the land to live freely and no longer be owned by another; that we would have the freedom and liberty to rule ourselves. This article, written by CSUF News Service, details the long road individuals from diverse backgrounds have had since the birth of our nation.

This is historical diversity.

The article begins with a quote from Ralph Ellison in 1972, “I believe in diversity, and I think the real death of the United States will be when everyone is just alike.” Undoubtedly, a powerful statement. Real death of an entire nation could result from similarities and clones. What will keep the country moving forward, as it has, is the development and integration of our differences into creative strategies for continuous growth.

The reality is cultural diversity is vital today, just as much as it was a century ago. This overview of the work and platform of philosopher Horace Kallen details his stance on cultural pluralism during the 1900s. Besides being a time when “Americanism” and the demonizing of people of color erupted, this philosopher published articles and a book to demonstrate the power and beauty of diversity in America. Kallen, a Caucasian male born in Boston, knew the importance of diversity and how it would revolutionize our world. He became friends with fellow cultural diversity enthusiast, Alain Locke – an African American male. Together, they formed a friendship that would intensify and defy all stereotypical bonds. Despite the color of their skins and the origins of their ethnicity, their friendship empowered others to celebrate cultural differences and embrace pluralism as the highest form of patriotism.

How will you demonstrate your patriotism on Saturday, as you celebrate Independence Day?

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Lessons on Diversity From a Century Ago Still Resonate from CSUF News Center.


CSUF News Service. (2020, June 22). Lessons on Diversity From a Century Ago Still Resonate. Retrieved from CSUF News Center: http://news.fullerton.edu/2020sp/Diversity-Lessons-Philosopher-Kallen.aspx


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