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What Innovation Looks Like for Black and Latin Female Founders | BRIT+CO

Women of color are leading entrepreneurship and innovation. They are the fastest growing group of entrepreneurs in the United States. Although they are growing, they are still facing obstacles and difficulties in reaching their maximum potential due to a lack of capital. With this capital, a right combination of resources and community, can develop an innovative space created for a pioneer.

Women demonstrate, not only they have the potential to be leaders, yet that they are leaders. They are leaders all over our communities – in businesses, in schools, in politics, in hospitals, in homes, and so many other places where women are leading their arenas to excellence. Many have had to achieve these levels of success without the right combinations of support. Just imagine what could happen when women receive all the financial and staffing support they need to reach their visions.

Inclusion in entrepreneurship is a must because through diversity, inclusion, and equality, we can engage the world, Through incorporating an intercultural contextualized marketing strategy in entrepreneurship, we can properly engage our target markets and reach our maximum potential.

Click Here: What Innovation Looks Like for Black and Latinx Women by BRIT+CO


Maillian, L. (2020, July 27). What Innovation Looks Like for Black and Latinx Female Founders. Retrieved from BRIT+CO: https://www.brit.co/digitalundivided-innovation/


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