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Since its inception in February 2019, Lift Your Gaze’s trauma healing curriculum in the form of books and devotionals has reached over 2,000 inmates nationally. These books communicate to readers 

Even throughout the lockdowns at correctional facilities due to COVID-19, Lift Your Gaze’s reach has expanded exponentially. Lift Your Gaze shipped hundreds of books during their first year, and now they are shipping that amount each month into various correctional facilities.

Soon Available in Spanish

Lift Your Gaze has partnered with A&P International to bring this healing message to the Hispanic community by translating the Deep Waters: Lift Your Gaze award-winning book and devotional into Spanish.

Currently 23% of the men and women who are incarcerated in the USA are Hispanic.

Ana Maria Lowry, President and CEO of A&P International, Inc., states, “We are honored to partner with Lift Your Gaze to begin translating the first of two books, award-winning Deep Waters: Lift your Gaze, 30-Day Devotional.” The translation of the multiple-award-wining and Amazon Bestselling book Deep Waters: Lift Your Gaze will begin shortly after the devotional is completed.

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Mrs. Lowry also shares, “I am personally reading the devotional and have found it to be a gift of healing for all people, as we all are inmates of our life traumas. With such eagerness, I wake up to read this devotional—one where God’s Word is shared in such a simplistic, applicable, and deep manner. I’m so excited to see how this devotional and book will dig into the hearts and souls of so many more, soon in Spanish!” Lift Your Gaze will soon begin filling current orders for the Spanish translated curriculum.

However, Lift Your Gaze still needs your help to facilitate the spreading of this message to hundreds and thousands of individuals across the nation. 

Please consider supporting them by clicking the link below and donating what ever you are lead to give. Each donation is tax-deductible and matched by a grant given to Lift Your Gaze.

Thank you for taking the step to supporting them.

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Founder & Author

Kim M. Clark, the award-winning Publisher of Deep Waters Books, has authored Amazon best-selling and the multiple-award-winning book, Deep Waters: Lift Your Gaze and the supporting, award-winning devotional, Deep Waters: Lift Your Gaze 30-Day Devotional. She is actively polishing her third book, a powerful prayerbook on the names of God.

To spread light in the darkest area of our society, Kim founded Lift Your Gaze, a nonprofit 501(c)3, in which she shares her message of hope with the incarcerated and their families at correctional facilities across the nation. 
As a former Adjunct Marketing Instructor, she is passionate about helping others achieve their dreams. She has worked with Fortune 1000 companies like Neiman Marcus, Merck Pharmaceuticals, and Digital Equipment Corp. as well as expanding startups and mission-based organizations. Kim has a Bachelor of Science Degree in Mass Communications from Towson State University and a Master of Science Degree in Business in Marketing from The Johns Hopkins University.

Story of Influence

The inmates left the classroom with watery eyes and wads of soggy, tear-stained toilet paper (tissues aren’t available in jail). The Chaplain pulled our founder, Kim Clark, aside. “Why is Karen crying?”

“The Spirit of God fell heavily today. I even heard spiritual chains drop.” Kim replied with a sigh.

“But Karen doesn’t speak English.” Stated the bewildered Chaplain.

“Wow. God never ceases to amaze me.” Kim responded.

Due to the delta COVID-19 variant, the correctional facilities have locked down again, and Lift Your Gaze can no longer teach inside most facilities. But God can still use our books and devotionals to reach the inmates. And with our Spanish Translation Matching initiative, we will be able to reach the 23% of the inmate population who speak Spanish. Currently each donation (up to $5,000) is matched 100%. The total cost for the Spanish translation for the book and devotional is $20,000.

We need your help to continue to provide hope. Please consider a one-time gift or becoming a monthly sponsors. Scan the QR code to the right or go to www.liftyourgaze.org to double your giving impact.


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