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Mimi Flatley | Community & Citizenship Manager at Turner Construction

We are honored to introduce today’s spotlight for Women on the Move, in recognition of her dedication to the supplier diversity community and her passion for equality among all people. We have been blessed to serve her organization, Turner Construction Company, as trainers and facilitators for their Turner School of Construction Management program for the last several years.

Leading the Turner Construction Company’s community involvement and supplier diversity development is Mimi Flatley, Community and Citizenship Manager. Mimi graduated from the University of Florida with a degree in Public Relations. Since 2007, she has been an active member of our community supporting partnerships, charities, and associations.  She has served as board member to Downtown Orlando Partnerships, Ronald McDonald House Charities of Central Florida, CREW Orlando, Central Florida Chapter Associated Builder and Contractors, Inc., and currently serves as CO-VP of Accreditation on PRSA Orlando. Her dedication to the community and her passion for the Construction/Architecture/Engineering industry are why we have chosen her to be today’s spotlight for Women on the Move. In acknowledgment of Mother’s Day, we have asked Flatley to share about her life’s journey as a mother and a career woman.

How have you balanced a successful career while raising and caring for your children?

“My husband, John, and I have three little boys – 5 years, 3 years, and 11 months old. I will admit that I struggle with the balance – but what working parent does not?! John also has a career, so for us, balance is only possible through constant communication and being able to share realistic expectations, one day at a time. Our kids all went through the same daycare, so we are very appreciative for that extension of care, and to have the support from family close by.” 

What has been the biggest challenge for you as a mother in your career?

“Coming to the realization that you cannot do it all, at the same time, has been my greatest challenge. The instant solution for a perfect work/life/parenthood/self-care balance does not exist. More time at work means less time at home, and vice versa. But what I am learning that does exist in parenthood are these wonderful seasons of time: learning to crawl, talk, walk, read, write, and make friends, all of which seem to happen so fast. A season of complete dependence, followed by defiance (that would be our current 3-year old’s phase!), to the start of more independence. For my kids, some of their milestones happened while I was home, others while I was at work. I had to learn to give myself the grace to not let guilt creep in if I happen to miss something while at work and challenge myself to appreciate everything that happens in both work and home life.  I feel very fortunate to have a wonderful group of working mom role models at Turner and in the Architecture/Engineering/Construction industry. These are women who have raised their children while working very demanding careers, and chances are whatever ‘season’ I am in, I can call one of them for advice.

How has your career inspired your children?

“I think my children are a little too young to really understand what I do. But as a mother of only boys, I hope, when they get older, they will see me as an example of someone who loved her family and was committed to a line of work she was very passionate about.”

What advice would you give to the next generation of female leaders regarding career success while being an active, caring mother for their children?

“Find a career that allows you to be the best version of your true self. The older my boys get, the more I realize they pick up on emotions. I had roles at work that I was not truly passionate about, and kids can sense that.

In the short, but best, five years of my motherhood life, I’ve found that no matter what your career is, what company you work for, what season of parenthood you are in, your kids will love you just the way you are.

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