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MTI Moten Tate, Inc offers a full range of professional IT staffing services to support your internal operations. The credentials of their associates assure to bring sourcing, recruiting and placement of the best potential employees required for the execution of your business. Their goal is to provide complete support to the employers with a professional and efficient manner. Moten Tate has built a human resource services company that focuses on the recruitment, retention and deployment of outstanding talent and the technology that supports customer goals.

A&P is proud to have MTI Moten Tate as one our clients and participants in our Group Coaching model, who has already benefited from networking with other participants in the group. Through the accountability partner in the group, the business received the PPP Loan to maintain its growth, and to continue to support their clients. Simultaneously, MTI Moten Tate is also supplying business opportunities to other participants in the group. The Group Coaching model has proven to develop participants through mutual business opportunities.

"So we can sum this up by saying that 81% of new hires fail not due to lack of job skills, yet due to factors that will fall into the category of attitude."
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MTI Moten Tate is your solution to minimizing your organization’s financial costs for a “poor hire”. They pre-qualify possible employees before presenting them to you to ensure a higher probability that the individual will fit not only the job description, yet the culture of the work environment you have worked hard to build.  Moten Tate has proven strategies and assessments to bring you the best individuals for your workplace that have the attitude to excel and succeed. Trust Moten Tate to fulfill your HR needs.

Human Resource Capital

MTI Moten Tate is led by human resource generalist, expert and strategic leader, Kenneth Moten. He opened his business in 2002 after being the Vice President of Human Resources of a major corporation. He has grown his business on the unique skills of providing talent acquisition and retention solutions to his clients. He is endorsed by more than 100 individuals in Human Resources. With his vast expertise and leadership skills, he has developed his business and his employees to become specialists of the industry who are empowered to handle large, technical or time sensitive recruiting, staff augmentation and human resource projects which may overburden your existing HR staff, offering a “Center of Excellence” in cost effective Human Capital Solutions.

Congratulations to MTI Moten Tate!

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