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Samuel Lowry is our youngest leader, eager to learn and ready to serve. Serving as our Marketing & Communications Manager, Samuel provides intercultural marketing and administrative support to company branding and operations, including the following tasks:  office layout designs, training presentations, client packages, liaison to third-party digital marketing, web design, conferences and training coordination, HR and AP assistance, manages the majority of our visual company-to-client communications. He coordinates, creates, or updates project communications including creating and updating graphics and materials for proposal and events. Samuel also assists our DBEs with design assistance for capability statements, PowerPoint, business cards, logo, web creation, etc. and helpful tips on how to better promote the image and reputation of the company. Finally, Samuel is bilingual in English and Spanish and assists our translation and editing teams.

Since young age, Samuel has developed a passion for culture and loves to travel around to various countries to gather more experience and knowledge. He has already visited countries such as: Colombia, Argentina, Chile, the Caribbean Islands, Mexico, Canada, and European countries such as France, Germany, Switzerland, and England.

Samuel achieved the honor of Eagle Scout. He graduated high school a year earlier than his class and has graduated with a degree in Business Administration: International Business from Liberty University. His is Social Media certified by HubSpot Academy. He has recently earned his Master of Arts in Global Studies from Liberty University.

Samuel is also a certified Identity & Destiny Facilitator by the Nehemiah Project International Ministries.

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