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Sustainability Statement

Developing Sustainability

At A&P International, we believe in the collaboration and unity within our diverse communities and their members to develop a society that protects and develops people, planet  and profit.

Our Sustainability Statement

A&P International is an active steward in the ecosystem of protecting and developing planet, people and profit for generations.

By protecting these three pillars of planet, profit and people, we can create a world that encourages and lifts our communities, and appreciates the natural environment we have; rather than take it for granted.

How We Implement Sustainability in the 3 Pillars


Our Environment | Planet

Protecting our planet is how we create a planet that generations to come will enjoy. By instilling specific practices, we can be part of the solution and success of a sustainable world. Here are some ways A&P is creating a sustainable world:

  • Minimal usage of non-recyclable materials.
  • Ceramic mugs for our staff, clients and guests. 
  • Switch from paper/plastic plates to reusable plates.
  • E-copies of training and coaching handouts/materials.
  • Global, virtual trainings; reducing carbon emissions.

The Economy | Profit

We support the development of professionals and entrepreneurs around the world through non-profit organizations and global community involvement for leadership development and practical action items to increase sales.

A&P International also contributes monthly to nonprofit organizations, the Nehemiah Project and the Dawkins International ministries, to sponsor the development of entrepreneurs and students across the globe. 

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Our team participates in community service projects  throughout the year. We aspire to live out a servant’s heart in every action. We look forward to when we get to service our clients, our guests, our partners and each other.

We have a monthly donation program where one employee every month selects a nonprofit or individual to donate company funds to support their cause or need. 

We cultivate a work atmosphere based on family. And we love sharing it with others.

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