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How To Make Work Fun, Develop Creativity

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Work culture is an intangible ecosystem that makes some places wonderful or toxic to work. The essence of an organization is what constitutes its work culture. Entrepreneur informs us that it affects or defines the ability of the leadership and employees to relate to each other for the common good of the organization. It operates within a mutually agreed and acceptable boundary of cultural values and emotional interface. It is widely understood that a positive ambience can make or break your performance in the workplace. No matter how talented or smart your employees are, they can only work to the best of their capabilities and creative skills when they are surrounded by an encouraging environment that values its personnel. This is why work culture is so important in bringing out the best from your employees even in adverse circumstances. Negativity not only kills creativity and will to perform but also does not allow an employee to develop a sense of affection and ownership with the organization.

How can you encourage your staff to develop camaraderie, friendship, and team building? First, it’s important to understand that you can’t force it. This is a matter of building a culture, so it needs to happen organically. Your organization culture is built and developed by the people within the organization. It is initiated by leaders but formed and developed by all the employees of a business. LifeSpeak affirms that leaders can plant the seeds by demonstrating interactive behavior. Employees are more likely to embrace the chance to bond with their colleagues if they see that it’s accepted and encouraged by their leadership.

While most people, generally, would rather spend time with their friends and family than be at work, there’s no need for workdays to be miserable. Investing time and effort into making your workplace a more enjoyable place to be can have tangible positive benefits for employees, teams, and your wider organization.  Here are seven reasons, from CIPHR, why fun should be part of your HR strategy.

  • HAPPY EMPLOYEES ARE HEALTHIER – Content employees who have fun at work are more likely to avoid the negative effects of stress and anxiety that have even been shown to lower heart rate variability (the time interval between beats).
  • HAVING FUN IMPROVES COMMUNICATION AND COLLABORATION – Nearly two-thirds (65%) of knowledge workers collaborate multiple times a day with their colleagues, so encouraging an effective way to improve cohesion within your organization should be a priority.
  • FUN GENERATES CREATIVITY – Individuals’ ability to learn improves when the task at hand is enjoyable and they’re in a relaxed mood. Play can also stimulate imagination, helping people adapt and problem solve. Creative environments have a natural and green atmosphere and activity that is easily distinguishable. There’s a buzz in the air, colleagues are enthusiastic and energetic, and there are lots of conversations happening. Leaders, make the work environment fun and creative.
  • HAVING FUN ENCOURAGES ADVOCACY – Advocates act as a powerful force in shaping the public perception of an organization. Employees that have fun, enjoy what they do, and are engaged will naturally share stories and act as advocates for your brand – on and offline. If every one of your employees shared news and updates about your brand to their own social groups, then your audience will increase exponentially – and for free.
  • HAVING FUN MAKES EMPLOYEES MORE PRODUCTIVE – A 2015 study by the University of Warwick’s Centre for Competitive Advantage in the Global Economy found that happier employees are more productive by an average of 12% and, in some cases, up to 20% more than a control group.
  • PROMOTING FUN ATTRACTS AN AUDIENCE – The opportunity that having fun at work provides an organization is substantial. Sharing stories about enjoyable atmosphere in your workplace can be a crucial part of a compelling employer branding story and can help to garner attention on social media. Providing a window for people to find out about daily life at your organization increases familiarity and trust. Whether a potential customer or passive talent, if that individual feels that they ‘know’ your company and can see your ‘human’, fun side then they’ll be more likely to engage with you.

It is crucial to incorporate creativity, greenery, interaction, etc. into the workplace to make it exciting for employees and clients to desire to come to the workplace.

August is Family Fun Month. While you spend time having fun with your family at home, remember the importance of developing your work family by creating a corporate culture that is exciting, engaging, and generating creativity!

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We Stand for Our Community – Justice – Diversity – Inclusion – Equality



We are praying for our brothers and sisters, those in and out of the marketplace, who have been treated with injustice. It hurts us to see these sad and unjust moments we have and continue to experience. We believe that all lives matter – in every color, culture, and stage of development. We were all created equally.

Amid this injustice towards the lives of the African American community, we want to inspire a movement of encouragement. We challenge you to look at those who are fighting for justice. We do not see this community alone, but those of every corner of the world standing for justice, equality, inclusion, and the development of diversity. People from every culture are standing with the acknowledgement that “Enough is Enough”. We all stand, through peaceful protest, for the equality of all life. No more should our minds dictate the behavior or traits of another based on the simple color of someone’s skin. That behavior is unjust, and we have reached the moment in our history where we will mark the time when the entire country, no, the entire world demands equality and inclusion for all people of color. Our differences were given by our Creator, in His One image, with different flavors, so that we could celebrate our differences for a united people. Diversity is a gift of life – the gift that gives us excitement and change. Let’s embrace our differences and collaborate for equality for all lives because, “Lives Matter”.



Serving the Global Supplier Diversity Community …. Virtually


            In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, many business owners are coming to a struggling decision whether to close or stay open. Even those who are considered essential businesses, according to the Orange County, Florida Emergency Executive Order No. 2020-04 regarding COVID-19, still struggle whether to keep their doors open for business or close for what could be, forever.

            We want to encourage all our community’s small business owners to keep forward. You can do this. We can all get through this pandemic together; as one community. This is the true test of small businesses. Are you built to stand firm in the midst of tragedy; in the midst of the storm?


            In A&P International, Inc., we believe that through the guidance and protection of our Creator we can continue forward and push through the storm. We have been blessed to find many tools to support us as a small business within the Central Florida community, and we are more than happy to coach you through them.


            As a business coach, we will prepare you to fight against this pandemic and find the markets you never thought you could reach and the tools that are available to you. Let us help you persevere and come out winning in the end. Do not let this virus crush the business you have building for the past year, 5 years, or maybe even 15 plus years. Do not stop now. Keep going, and remember, A&P International is here to support you.

Call us to hear more about how we can prepare you with:

  • Gaining Interest-Free Access to Capital
  • Market Guidance
  • Digital Growth

And, a community of partners in prayer and the readiness to help each other succeed.

Call us for more information at (407) 299-1199. We are here to enable you to grow, virtually!

Samuel Lowry | Marketing & Communications Manager

Empowered Women

“Every great dream begins with a dreamer. Always remember, you have within you the strength, the patience, and the passion to reach for the stars to change the world.”  – Harriet Tubman

When you picture a strong businesswoman, what do you think of or whom do you think of? What qualities form a strong women in the business world? Do these qualities describe a woman leader, or are those qualities characteristics of a leader?

We fixated on the division and the separation of women and men leaders. There is this culture within business that women do not have the same traits to be a leader than men. This simply is not true. However, in recognizing this, it is important that as we empower women, we do not demean the ability of men. Empowering women is not looking down on men, but learning how to work together to build each other up to reach our goals.

The Creator created us all with the same potential to become leaders. Those that develop their passions, strengths, and have some patience, are those that will become leaders of their business, community, and life.

We empower women to develop their traits and channel their inner strengths and passions into a business or role that they love, and use that love to increase their development as a leader. By having a little patience and the endurance in working hard and reaching goals, there is nothing that can stop women from reaching the stars and changing the world for the better.

We are proud to see so many women already focusing their strengths on their passions, and we congratulate our women-business owned clients who have done this. The following have followed their passions and have excelled in their careers: First Female Four-Star General, Retired Commander of U.S. Army Ann E. Dunwoody; Anthea Pennant – District Director, Supplier Relations and Diversity Business Services at the Broward College; the  Nicole Wickens –  CEO of Validus Construction Services awarded as fastest growing Construction company in Central Florida by Orlando Business Journal; Marcela Restrepo, President of Sky Builders USA well known in the Central Florida community and recognized at the Don Quijote Award by The Hispanic Chamber of Commerce of Metro Orlando; Dr. Felicia Young from ACY Contractors awarded with the Eagle Award by the  African American Chamber of Commerce; Jeanette Mora, Attorney at Law recognized as Member of the Board of the Bar Association and Yomaira  Muñoz recognized as Empresa Renovada in 2019.

Leaders and Leaders-to-be, you have what you need, now go and get it!

Samuel Lowry | Marketing & Communications Manager

Forbe’s Black in Business | Celebrating The Legacy of Black Entrepreneurship

This month is about recognizing the accomplishments of the African American community. Forbe’s writers, Ruth Umoh and Brianne Garrett, detail how the African American community has played an essential role in the development of the U.S. economy. Many inventions and processes that we all use in our everyday activities were brought to reality by African American leaders. 

This article brings to light the amazing accomplishments of African American leaders that many are unaware of. these accomplsihments have greatly impacted our world in various ways.

Ruth Umoh states, “If history is any indiciation, black entrepreneurship will continue to grow and thrive in the coming years – an economic boon for Americans of all colors.”.

Black in Business | Celebrating The Legacy of Black Entrepreneurship by Forbes.


Umoh, R., & Garrett, B. (2020, February 03). Black in Business: Celebrating the Legacy of Black Entrepreneurship. Retrieved from Forbes: https://www.forbes.com/sites/ruthumoh/2020/02/03/celebrating-black-history-month-2020/#14dbefd32b45


Samuel Lowry Photo - Transparent

Samuel Lowry | Marketing & Communications Manager

Loving Diversity

“Diversity is about all of us, and about us having to figure out how to walk through this world together.”

                                                                                                                                                                  – Jacqueline Woodson

Diversity has passed through various phases, sometimes of hurt, segregation, and oppression, and other times of admiration, excellence, and respect. In the past years, diversity has been a highlighted focus in areas of business, politics, and personal interactions. There is a growing desire for small diverse businesses to be a part of the global efforts of large corporations and government agencies to build communities. However, these efforts do not seem to be highlighted as much as the negativity and degradation placed on those of diverse backgrounds.

It is time to place differences and hatred aside and focus on the positive engagement and love towards one another as human beings – all working on bettering ourselves to build a greater world.

Do not shape your views of diversity based on the racial, ethnic, or religious backgrounds of people, but recognize that through differences we can complement who we are for a greater community. When we partner with those whose strengths are our weaknesses, we complement each other into a better being.

We must remember that everyone is a minority somewhere in the world. Once you leave your native country and enter another, you become part of the minority. We are all created by the same Creator, and were all made with diverse traits.

I challenge you to reach out to your friends and family with a background, different than your own, and tell them, “We are all on a journey of life; so, let us figure it out together.”.

In the spirit of love, I encourage you to realize the potential our world has to walk this path of life together; no matter the diverse background.



By: Samuel Lowry, Marketing & Communications Manager

Supplier Diversity News Update

women innovation

We are so excited that our first blog post, titled Loving Diversity, will be posted tomorrow, February 13th, 2020.

We will be posting to our blog every 2nd and 4th Thursday of the month; sharing information and tips on diversity inclusion and engagement.

Join us in serving the global supplier diversity community. Want to know how, call us at 407-299-1199.


– Department of Creativity & Administration

Supplier Diversity News Coming Soon!

We are so excited to launch our Supplier Diversity News blog in the upcoming year. We hope this blog will give you the tips you need to start a successful track towards managing and interacting with people of different cultures, ethnicities and backgrounds. 

Stay tuned for more information on our launch date.


– Department of Creativity & Administration, A&P International

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