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William A. (Tony) Lowry has a strong financial and analytical background in both banking and taxes, and serves as CFO and Certified Trainer & Coach of A&P International. He has a degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Central Florida.

In his role capacity, Tony provides insight and recommendations for strategic plans of the organization; creating and establishing yearly financial objectives that align with the company’s plan for growth and expansion. He analyzes and approves cost and profit structures/plans for each project. His approach is to work with the client’s budget for a win – win transaction for all parties. He also uses this expertise with our clients in need of a financial analysis to help them better structure their bookkeeping and accounts.

Tony also has extensive experience in government contracting and procurement. In his career, he has captured 110 + millions in contracts.

Tony is also part of our training and curriculum team; applying his vast knowledge and expertise in trainings regarding finances, customer engagement, and operational management. He is well-traveled and has truly enjoyed learning, living and teaching diversity engagement.

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