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Why Veterans Make Great Entrepreneurs | Entrepreneur

Did you know that a business owner of one in ten of every ten businesses are veterans? In this article you will learn what qualities are being transferred from battlefields to the frontlines of the marketplace that make veterans successful in business. The purpose is to provide readers a mindset and appreciation of the skills and successes of veteran entrepreneurship.


We can start with discipline and hard work. The military instills accuracy, planning, and follow-through as necessary elements of life; in all aspects of life. That is why for them establishing a business venture is no different. They bring these engrained principles of discipline and hard work to their business ethics.

They also bring dedication and focus to reaching their set goals. Their passion to serve others goes beyond the desire for a reward. Combined, they focus on providing a solution and value to their client(s); creating a successful environment for continual growth and satisfaction.

Teamwork and the ability to work under pressure are characteristics that military and veterans learn to develop and master.  They depend on the collaboration of their peers; creating trust and areas of responsibility to get the job done. These traits are primary reasons that 45% of them are more likely to be self-employed than non-veterans.

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